Non-contact infrared thermometer - Meirun MR868 (Code: MR868)

The non contact infrared body thermometer can precisely detecting the infrared heat given off by the forehead and quickly measuring to get the reading in 1 second.

No touch forehead 3-5cm: The measuring distance between the thermometer and the forehead must be 3-5 cm. Non-contact thermometer is actually more convenient than standard mercury thermometer and touch thermometer.

Non-contact Measuring: Non-contact infrared technology reads from forehead with no physical contact, prevents cross-infection between multiple peoples. Safer and healthier, especially the forehead readings, as it does not bother the patient during crucial rest moments.
Fast & Accurate: This thermometer equipped with the advanced infrared technology and high precision sensor reads fast, it only takes 1 seconds to read the temperature. The accuracy of temperature measurement is within 0.2 ℃
Great choice for families, nursery, hotels, school.

Intelligent: Automatic memory of 32 sets of measurements, LCD backlight has 3 different colors according to temperature, and abnormal temperature is accompanied by warning sound.

Technical parameters:
Measurement distance: 3-5cm
Measuring range: 32 C - 42.5 C
Power supply: DC 3V 2AAA batteries (not included)
Maximum allowable error: 0.2C
Time of measurement: 1 sec

Price: 19.50 EUR
Incl. 21 % TAX
Dimensions: 0.149*0.8*0.4
Not available
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